The Biggest Job Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Dream Job

Job interviews can be intimidating if you’re new to the process. Most of us are so focus on what goes on inside of the interviewing room and we forget about what may be going on before we even meet the hiring manager.

Your behavior and what you do before you get to speak about your impressive resumé can determine whether the company wants to hire you or not.

So what are you doing that could plummet your chances of getting your dream job?

Ignoring the atmosphere

Scrolling your phone or having your headphones may be your way of coping with nerves but it could show that you’re not focused. It may seem boring but there are other people in the room and you should be interacting with them. If you’re the only person in the waiting area, take a moment to look around or pick up a pamphlet and read up on the company. You may find something that could put you ahead of your competition.

Not being respectful to everyone

You never know who is watching you. Everything you do is being judged from the minute you walk in the door. You should also remember that these may be the very same people that you will have to work with day in and day out.

How you behave before your interview even begins can have an effect on if you get hired or not. Always try to be mindful of everything.

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