Defining what a leader is has become an increasingly hard task over the years. There are a plethora of leadership styles and an unfathomable amount of great leaders who are completely different from one another. Fortunately, there is a lot of information available to pull from to draw your own conclusions.

What do you believe defines a great leader?

Most of us have had different experiences that have shaped our views on great leaders. In a number of cases, we tend to model ourselves after these people. But how can you create a more personalized approach to developing more effective leadership skills? Read below to learn about 4 foundational skills that all effective leaders demonstrate.

You have to communicate clearly and effectively.

Communication is a good skill to have. Most people can talk and share ideas with others but what sets leaders apart from the masses is their ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Effective communication doesn’t just include talking, it also includes actively listening to comprehend other’s ideas and messages.

You must be able to gain and keep a high-level of trust.

There are so many people that assume the title of leader but fail to maintain proper trust levels. The people that you lead must feel comfortable enough with you to believe and follow you. Leading with morals, honesty, and integrity is the key to unlocking trust with subordinates or employees.

You must display empathy.

Empathy does not equal sympathy. Sympathy means that you feel sorry for someone with out understanding their situation. Empathy means that you actually “get” them and their situation. Developing empathy starts with educating yourself on a variety of roles, cultures, and personalities within your company.

You must have an undying passion for what you do.

Effective leaders possess a passion to succeed that influences everyone around them. They can motivate and garner people’s faith in their vision. When a leader is truly passionate it shows and affects everyone around them.

Are you an effective leader? What do you think makes you an effective leader?


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