So, you’ve taken the advice here and hired an employee or two. Some business owners feel as though hiring and paying your employees is all that is required of them. This is far from the truth. In this 2014 study involving 200,000 employees from 500 different companies, findings showed that money and benefits ranked very low on employee motivation factors. Peer motivation and the desire to do a good job were ranked as the top two reasons that motivate employees on the job.

Having trouble increasing overall morale and motivation in your company? We have provided some simple tricks to keep your employees motivated.

Provide them with opportunities to grow.

Growth opportunities can be hard to provide especially if your business is still in it’s infancy. On the contrary, if your business is successfully expanding then be sure to reward your top performing employees with the chance to move up in the company. This will ensure that they are being respected, trusted, and valued.

Stay honest, be respectful, and offer support.

Terrible management is one of the top reasons why employees fail to stay in their current positions. Management that lacks honesty, respect, support, and clear communication are all problems that troubled employees list as their reasons for not staying with a company.

Need to brush up on a few leadership and management skills? Check out a few leadership and management books here.

Aim for transparency.

Letting your employees in on business operations can have a huge impact on their overall motivation. Doing things like sharing quarterly sales/revenue report or including them in conversations on recent customer/client complaints will show your team how their work affects the business as a whole. In turn, it will increase employee loyalty and overall satisfaction. Also, giving employees access to company data makes it easier to point out any errors or areas of improvement.

Ask Them About Their Workplace Values.

If you are unsure about the cause for the lack of motivation, just ask. Give your employees the opportunity to use their voice. Different company cultures require different methods so have a sit down with your employees and see what motivates them individually. This could drastically boost morale and loyalty around the office.

Are you seeing a lack of motivation in your employees? What are somethings that you’ve tried?


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